The next step in my journey on The Voice is the battle rounds.

In this round – The Coaches choose two contestants from their team to perform a duet together. After the performance is over, the coach chooses whom they believe performed best to stay on their team. The person who loses will either go home, or they will get stolen by the other coaches. (Coaches have two steals during the battle rounds.)

For my battle, I was up against folk/rocker Joshua Davis. We were given “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan to perform.

The Voice is a competition, and obviously I want to make it as far as possible. But this round is incredibly difficult because you get to know the other artist so well. You don’t want for their dream to end equally as much as you want your own to make it. Joshua and I were roommates at the hotel where we stayed, so we became pretty close. I can tell you with full honesty that my respect for Joshua Davis is incredibly high. He taught me a lot about classic soul artists and gave me new admiration for classic rock. I got to share some newer pop music with him and help him realize that some of the new stuff that’s out there isn’t half bad, too.

From the get-go, Joshua and I decided that we were going to work our hardest to make sure that one of us wins – and one of us gets stolen.

So we got to work.

We decided to scale back the music to just guitar and piano to really let our voices shine. Blake and Meghan Trainor helped us develop the song with emotion in mind. We worked on connecting with each other to make it feel like we were a team. And after all of that hard work, we both felt confident about the product we put on that stage.

After performing we stood in front of the judges and waited to hear our fate. Christina gave both of us compliments on the soulfulness of our voices and Pharrell agreed that this was going to be an incredibly difficult decision for Blake to make. Neither of them could choose a winner.

Then Adam gave his feedback and explained, “They’re not saying who they would pick because they know: one of you will be stolen.”

We just about lost our minds. Mission accomplished. We’re both safe. *insert biggest sigh of relief of my life*

Blake announced me as the winner, and I was so overwhelmed with gratefulness and excitement. There was a lot of meaning behind that win for me. I’ve been bullied a lot in my life. Words have been spoken over me that are incredibly hard to shake off. To finally hear that you are good enough and to be recognized for your hard work is such a boost in confidence.

On top of all of that – I’m just thankful to be here for another week of competition!!! The next stop in my Voice journey is the knockout round. More on that to come soon!

Keep tuning in, and make sure to follow me on social media! (And follow Joshua while you’re at it, because he rocks!) You guys are all amazing and your support through this means more to me than I can put into words.

Til next time! LOVE YOU ALL!!


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#TeamBlake is complete! (Although it didn’t stay this way for long.)

We made Meghan cry!

@joshuadavismusic and I had a 3rd roommate. Commonly known around the hotel as “Finn”. #TheVoice #CoffeeService #Finn

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