So my blind audition for The Voice aired last night.

One of the most life-changing events that’s ever happened to me was broadcast to millions of people, and my heart is humbled and stunned by the incredible response. Hundreds and hundreds of posts on Facebook, hundreds of tweets and mentions, tons of new followers across all social media platforms, and even this super kind post over on Bustle – and I just have to say THANK YOU!

If you’re wondering what the experience was like – I can tell you it was a whirlwind! I stood outside of the stage doors and realized how quickly my life could change. I prayed for peace and confidence, and that’s exactly what I got. I stepped on stage and gave it everything I had. AND I remembered the lyrics!!! (Which was more of an accomplishment than you may realize!)

I started my song – and saw Adam turn almost immediately. In the back of my head, I thought to myself… wow… I’m in! I’m going to be working with Adam Levine and I COULD NOT be happier. Then I saw Blake turn. Though I was happy to see that he turned, I still thought I was going to choose Adam.

After the song ended, I stood there dumbfounded and amazed at what just happened. The coaches all seemed impressed and happy with my performance, and I was just trying to remember my name. Adam talked about how engaging my performance was and complimented the emotion I showed. Then he connected with me on being bullied as a kid. I was sold. I wanted to work with Adam.

But then Blake chimed in…

He complimented my tone and the power behind my voice. Then he mentioned how if I were to go with Adam, I would be one of many. If I decided to go with Blake, I would be unique. He said I represented the type of artist he wanted to protect in this competition.

After I heard that, my heart was sold. Blake gave a convincing argument, and I couldn’t say no. I got off stage and hugged my new coach (who is CRAZY TALL by the way!!), and said I was sorry to Adam.

I had a brief moment of doubt, but the more I think about it, I am confident it’s the best decision for me. Blake is an INCREDIBLE coach with four victories. Even putting his wins aside, he’s a great guy who believes in every person on his team.

I cannot wait for you all to see the battle rounds! Get ready, #TeamBrian, it’s about to get real. 

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A lot of people want to know why I chose Blake over Adam, especially after talking about picking Adam before I went onstage. It’s a valid question, and I talk about that decision in the interview below.

Photographs courtesy of NBC/The Voice: by Tyler Golden, Ben Cohen, Trae Patton, & Paul Drinkwater

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