YES! It’s true! I am officially on Team Adam!  He stole me in the knockout round which allows me to still be a part of this amazing show, AND I get to go to the live shows! I AM SO EXCITED!

I can’t begin to explain how amazing this round was.

From being able to pick out the song I performed, being able to work with Sarah Potenza, and getting STOLEN by Adam… This has been a turning point for me on the show.

I got to sing Nothing Ever Hurt Like You by James Morrison. This is totally the type of artist I would want to work with in creating an album, so choosing a song by him was a no-brainer. I also wanted to showcase a different side of me, musically. So far, I’ve sang songs that are slower. This James Morrison tune is fast, upbeat, and SO much fun to perform! I’m also really excited for you all to hear the recording!

When Blake shared with me who he paired me with, I’ll be honest – I was nervous.

Sarah is incredible. Her blind audition AND her battle round were both epic. When I saw her on the other side of the arena, I thought I was going home. But that’s when I decided not to doubt myself. I don’t have the same raspy tone like Sarah, but that doesn’t discount how hard I’ve worked to be here. So I took my song, and I worked really hard. Sarah has been a friend since the beginning of this process, so it was important for both of us that we stay in the competition.

One of the things that I needed to work on was my stage presence: working the stage more. This song is fun and upbeat, so to stand up there and stay in one place wouldn’t work. I had to show people that I was having fun. And believe me – It was SO MUCH FUN to be up there. Singing one of my favorite songs, in front of four incredible coaches, and with a crowd full of excited people. I had an absolute blast.

When I was done performing, Sarah took her place at center stage. She performed like a pro. I sat in the back and couldn’t deny how incredible she did. It was one of those moments where I thought if I were watching this at home, I would be upset if she lost. THAT’S how good she did. But I was still confident in my performance.

Then it came time for Blake to make his decision.

Rightfully so, Sarah won. Her performance proved that she deserved to stay on Team Blake and go on to the live playoffs.

And then Adam pressed his button to steal me. I freaked out. So overwhelmed with emotion and excitement. I put myself out there and challenged myself to do a song that was difficult, and it payed off. Though I’m sad to say goodbye to team Blake, I can’t deny that I’ve felt like I always belonged on Adams team. Adam pressed his button twice for me. I’m so excited to work with him and go to the LIVE SHOWS!!! 

This is where voting matters, folks. I’ll post more about how you can get involved and vote next week. For now – if you’re not following me on social media – make sure to send me a tweet or comment on my Facebook!

Thanks for all of the support and love, folks. You are all amazing.


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A guy on twitter drew this photo of me, and it’s awesome. It totally made my whole week. Thank you, @rakhim_!

#TeamBlake before the Knockouts began!

Sarah and I!

A few of us out to dinner.

Photographs courtesy of NBC/The Voice: by Tyler Golden, Ben Cohen, Trae Patton, & Paul Drinkwater

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