The last few weeks have been crazy!!! People have responded so well to the blind audition and the battle round. So much encouragement and love from people I’ve never had the honor of meeting. So many of you shared how you can relate to my story about my dad and his MS or about my experiences being picked on in middle and high school.

Hearing your stories keeps me humble and grounded. It pushes me to keep singing and sharing my story. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me. Your tweets/messages/comments mean the world.

Inside Look

I also wanted to give you a look inside one of my favorite experiences on The Voice.

I can’t begin to tell you how many life-long friends I’ve made during this process. After spending so much time together on set, practicing, and hanging out, you’re bound to make some friends. Meeting these people and hearing their voices has been incredible.

I laughed so hard with these folks. Joe Tolo (Team Christina) is one of my closest buddies on the show. We had a little group of friends that did just about everything together.

A few of them got to audition, but the teams were filled before most of them could even step onstage, which was a huge bummer. But there are so many good memories with these guys. We had a running list of things Joe would say that made us lose our minds with laughter. Just a few Joe quotes below:

“You know what defies logic? Spongebob.”

“Wow, this is a really great style of belt.” (about seatbelt in the van)

“I have a thing for cougars and their wallets.”

The music and the coaches and everything else with The Voice is fun and amazing, but meeting these people and spending time with them is definitely one of the best parts of my experience.

A Look Ahead

GET READY for the knockouts!

If you’re new to The Voice or want a refresher on how this round works, I’d be happy to explain!

Basically, my coach will pair me up with another artist from my team to compete in a head-to-head battle. We will each sing a song on our own that WE get to pick. This is awesome because I picked a song that really shows America (and the coaches) where I fit in the music industry and more of who I am as an artist.

I love the song and artist I picked. I am beyond excited for you all to hear it!

The knockout rounds start March 23rd & 24th and will finish March 30th & 31st. Make sure to tune in!

That’s all for now. I love hearing from you all, so make sure to send me a tweet or comment on my Facebook!

Much Love…

Brian Johnson

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